NovaClad Weather Resistant Pipe Insulation

NovaClad Weather Resistant Pipe Insulation

NovaClad is a pre weatherproofed BetaPlus Phenolic Pipe section, which allows both the weatherproofing membrane and insulation to be installed in a single fix application, saving time, labour, waste and materials. The product is suitable for external and water resistant applications.

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  • NovaClad is supplied with a factory applied chemical bore coating
  • Colour – Grey
  • Completely CFC/HFC Free
  • Zero Ozone Depletion Potential


HVAC Building Services. Suitable for Copper, Steel, Plastic and Stainless Steel Pipe work and small diameter Ductwork.

Standard 1 metre length. Standard sizes from 15mm to 381mm

40 kg/m3

Product Performance

Thermal Conductivity
0.021W/m.K @ 10°C

Temperature Range
-50 to +110ºC

Quality Control
ISO 9001
ISO 144001
OHSAS 18001

Other Product Properties

  • Minimum 95% Closed Cell Structure to BS 4370
  • Compressive Strength Parallel to Rise 180kPa +/- 40
  • Tensile Strength Parallel to rise 200kPa +/- 40
  • Perpendicular to Rise 180kPa +/- 40

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